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Shantelle Szuch - Psychology for Bowlers
Shantelle Szuch is a registred psychologist and former competitive 5 pin bowler
She offers some insights into her former game, as well as her present sport of power lifting.
Things 5 pin bowling taught me
Letting go of expectations
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Tom Patterson - Bowler, Educator, Coach, Learning Facilitator

Tom offers articles and skills that are contained in pdf files so that you can print them off for future reference, or take them to the lanes to practice the offered skills.


 Tom Paterson

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Saskatchewan Youth Bowling School

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  September   Canada's Top 5 Ladies Bowlers
  September   Canada's Top 5 Men's Bowlers
  January   Technology Anyone
2011 December   Five Keys to Success For Athlete, Coach, Proprietor, & Y.B.C. Program
  November   Challenge of the New Intro to Competitive Coaching Model 
  March   More on Practice
  February   "Yippity Do Da"
  January   It's Not Easy Being Green
2010 December   Newbies to Bowling
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  November   Detect & Correct
  October   The Most Important Mental Skill
  September   Productive Practice





Tom Paterson is a teacher administrator and an author. His previous books Technique Bowling – The Five Pin Bowler’s Guide (1980), and Lane Logic (2000). The Technique Bowling book was an introductory book that helps lead the novice bowler through the development of their bowling skills. The Lane Logic book explores in depth the intricacies of the approach and delivery as well as the Mental Skills component important to improving your competitive game.


The current book from the Paterson file: A Practical Guide For the Five Pin Bowler and Instructor covers two specific areas: Games and Drills and Detection and Correction skills for improving the athletes approach and delivery.  The book is brimming full of interesting and innovative ways to improve athletic performance. It is as the book suggests a PRACTICAL guide. The kind of book all bowlers instructors and coaches interested in improving should have.


Along with the writing of materials the author has over 30 years of experience in the development and operation of Instructional Schools for both youth and adult. His most popular advancement is the Youth Bowling School concept This comprehensive package of on lane and classroom instruction has been operating in Western Canada and Ontario for decades.


The Instructor and Coach has not been forgotten. The more expert the instructors and coaches become the more skilled the prodigies of the game become. To that end Tom Paterson also operates Instructor clinics. These are intensive classroom and on lane instructional packages. These one and multi day packages have gained excellent reviews from the participants. It is in fact the most comprehensive package of learning available to instructors and coaches. It far surpasses the current Level II Technical and Theoretical components of the National Coaching Certification program.


The author is also a reasonably successful competitor as well. As of 2008 his resume consists of 5 National Singles titles (1978, 1983, 1985, 2001, 2008) and two team gold at a national level (one as player (1983) the other as coach,1990). Other individual accomplishments include the winning of the 2005 TSN Canadian Bowling Championship and five Western Canadian Tour Championships.


Within his home province of Saskatchewan Paterson won six consecutive Masters Singles titles in the mid 1980s, and four Open Provincial singles titles. His record scores include a 448 single, 1133 triple, 1495 – four game series, and a 1726 five game series. His career high average is 294.


If you would like individualized assistance with your game or to organize or participate in an Instructors Clinic, email Tom. His list of clients spans the length of the country. You can email Tom at tom-paterson As well you may want to consider reading articles to help your game. Keep in touch with this site for more to read and think about.


Play well and Let’s Keep In Touch


Tom Paterson




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