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Provincial Placing Centre Bowler 1 Bowler 2 Pins Over / (Under)
3 Leduc Lanes Barb Youngren Bruce Congdon 276
6 Leduc Lanes Dan Clermont Chris Jenny 236
7 Riverside Bowl Inez Torrance Nancy Torrence 235
21 Rocky Lanes Curtis McKenelley Debora Martens 40
23 Leduc Lanes Johnny Cowan Mary Cowan 30
24 Leduc Lanes Andrea Ratcliffe Travis Murphy 15
34 Leisure Lanes Ponoka Candace Rain Leanne Hvamb -27
40 Rocky Lanes Joy Marshall Cathy Sztym -53
44 Leduc Lanes Pat  Clermont Rob Armstrong -79
49 Rocky Lanes Bev Weaver Twila Sztym -107
51 Rocky Lanes Bev Morin Susanne Gordon -110
53 Rocky Lanes Maurice Olson Nick Burnett -177




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