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2009-2010 Season

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Canadian Championship May 29 - 30

Leduc Bowler on Men's Team capture Silver Medal
Lee Hodgson (Bronx), Abel Gallant (Leduc),  Aaro Roeske (Bronx),
Andrew Giese (Bronx),  Fred Ruttan (Edson)

The Heritage Ladies Team finished in 4th place

left to Right Ashley Miller, Angela Porter, Dawn Nechvatel,

Kalie Miller, Lana Clubine

Another PERFECT GAME Rollie Gervais threw a perfect game in the SLEEMAN TRADITIONAL TOURNAMENT at Heritage Lanes, April 24th

Rollie received a $10,000 cheque from



Provincial High Low Championship Results


Mary Currie

Alberta Bowling Pioneer

CURRIE , Mary Family and friends of Mary Currie are saddened by her recent passing, but thankful for the many active and fun filled years she enjoyed. Born in Waldo, B.C. the family of six girls moved to Calgary following a devastating fire that destroyed the entire town. Mary lived and worked in Calgary until moving to High River in 1975. In 2005 she moved to Burnaby, B.C. but she always reminisced about her big blue Alberta sky. Mary had many interests. She was good at crafts of all sorts, she enjoyed playing cards, going for ice cream, and loved a good party with lots of dancing. Mary enjoyed working, and the people she worked with. She worked at Eatons for ten years until Chinook Bowladrome opened in 1960. There she became the bowling instructor and later assistant manager. She also worked for Brunswick Canada for the opening of new bowling lanes. Although keen participant and spectator in many sports her real passion was five pin bowling. In a thirty-two year span, Mary made a record of twenty-seven appearances in Western Canadian Championships, winning the Singles Event four times, and being a member of the winning Mixed team four times. In 1954 Mary was the first ever Canadian Singles Champion. Rolling a ten game total of 2692 she also helped her teammates win the Ladies Canadian Title. Due to a change in 1973 of the play-off format it is now impossible for any bowler, man or woman, to even come close to her record. In 1973 the Canadian Bowling Congress honored Mary, and in 1978 she was inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. Knee problems forced her retirement. Following this retirement, Mary was able to enjoy many more years of motorhome travel, cruises, trips to Rosen lake, and holidays in the sun. Mary is survived by her daughter, Darlene Currie of B.C., sister Annie Boyd of Calgary, and many nieces, nephews, and friends. She was predeceased by sisters Margaret, Grace, Isa, and Joan, and in 1972 by her husband, Bill Currie, and in 2007 by her partner Jim Beach. No Service by request.


By Harley Richards - Red Deer Advocate

Published: April 01, 2010 6:40 PM

Judy Lajeunesse has thrown a lot of bowling balls over the years. But the one she planned to release Thursday evening will probably be her most memorable.

The manager of the Red Deer Bowladrome planned to end her final shift at the decades-old facility as the last person to spill the pins there. After that, the lanes were to darken for good.

“It’s a piece of history that’s closing,” said Lajeunesse, who’s worked at the 24-lane bowling alley at 5218 50th Ave. for 18 years.

The Bowladrome’s operations will be combined with those at Riverside Bowl at 5118 47th Ave., she said. Both facilities are owned by the same company, which is controlled by a group of local partners.

The Bowladrome offered five- and 10-pin bowling, whereas Riverside’s 20 lanes are restricted to five-pin play. That will soon change, said Lajeunesse, with eight of Riverside’s lanes to be converted for 10-pin use.

She added that four of those 10-pin lanes will be convertible to the five-pin game.

"So ultimately, you could have 16 lanes of five-pin going and four lanes of 10, or you could have 12 and eight.”

Those new 10-pin lanes will have automatic computer scoring, a luxury that wasn’t available for 10-pin players at the Bowladrome.

“That was always kind of the nemesis there,” acknowledged Lajeunesse.

She doesn’t expect the changes at Riverside to be too disruptive to operations there.

“It should be minimal.”

Lajeunesse said she couldn’t comment on the motivation for closing the Bowladrome. She also wasn’t sure what the owner of its leased premises planned to do with the property.

The history of the bowling alley is also a little murky. Information provided by staff at the Red Deer Archives indicates that the business has been operating since at least 1954, and possibly earlier.

“I’m thinking it’s probably 60-plus years,” said Lajeunesse.

“In ‘74, it went from 16 lanes to 24 lanes.”

Lajeunesse was going to roll the final ball at the Bowladrome on one of its 10-pin lanes. But she hadn’t decided as of Thursday afternoon whether she would pitch a 10-pound ball or scatter the pins with a 12-pounder.

“It depends what kind of a mood I’m in.”

Either way, she didn’t feel pressured to close the historic alley by throwing a strike.

“Even if I don’t, I’m going to say I did,” she said with a laugh.

In addition to Riverside Bowl, local bowlers will continue to be served by Heritage Lanes. It has 20 five-pin lanes at 6200 67A St.


Check the results

Male winner Karie Kreutz bowled a perfect game while Shantelle Szuch won the ladies event with a 277 average, higher than the men's winner.

Perfect Game     Oct 24, 2009

Mike DiPietro
bowled a perfect game at Heritage Lanes in the Match Play League
on Thursday October 23rd.

12 Strikes in a row - PERFECTION!!

Congratulations Mike



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