Open Championship

DateEVENTLocationOther information
Jan. 29thZone Championship
Day 1
Heartland Bowl, StettlerRegistration 9:30 a.m. Start 10:00 a.m.
Jan. 30thZone Championship
Day 2
The Bowl,
Start 10:00 a.m.
Apr. 13th – 16thProvincial ChampionshipBonnie Doon, Edmonton20 Games
May 31st – Jun. 4National ChampionshipSt. John’s, NewfoundlandTeams and Singles events


Tournament Results for Ladies and Gentlemen


Covid restrictions are in effect for all Zone and Alberta Events,

The following regulations will apply

All persons in the building aged 12 and up must provide valid:

  • proof of double vaccination, or
  • proof of a privately-paid negative rapid test result taken within 72 hours of service, or
  • documentation of a medical exemption.

In addition

  • Face masks are required in all areas of the bowling centre, except when on the lanes

Zone Rules

How to Enter

  • You must be a current member of the Canadian 5 Pin Bowlers Association. To purchase a membership online use this link, or you can purchase your membership at your local 5 pin centre.
  • Then select one of the following options

Use this method to sign up for the tournament using an electronic registration and payment

Payment can be in the form of an E-transfer to

If you are a new member of our group, or have forgotten your number, you may leave this blank.
All Provincial participants are required to participate in zone and provincial fundraising efforts (selling raffle & elimination draw tickets). Please click the YES to acknowledge you have read and agree with this requirement. I agree to abide by decisions of the Central Alberta 5 Pin Bowler's Association Open Championship Committee.
Select the proper choice.
Select the proper choice.
Day/Month/Year January 15, 2021 would be 15/01/2021 E-transfer required within two days of of submitting this form.
If using a cheque (or money order), indicate the number. When sending a cheque or money order, please address it to Central Alberta 5 Pin Bowler's Association, Box 997, Blackfalds, TOM OJO
Check one of the options below
Select the proper choice.
By entering online, you have access to purchase discounted tickets to BROADWAY ACROSS CANADA tickets. Use the link to access the offers.

If you wish to

  • print the form
  • manually fill it out
  • mail the form and your payment to

If you have questions please contact our secretary