Coach Training Program

Coaching Opportunities

Coaches are always required for provincial and national events.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) requires that coaches have reached certain qualifications and proficiencies in order to coach in approximately 75 individual sports programs in Canada.

TournamentRequired Certified Level
Youth Challenge Competition Coach certified
Old (pre 2016) Level 2 with Competition Coach upgrade
Open ChampionshipCompetition Coach certified
Old (pre 2016) Certified Level 2 with Competition Coach upgrade
InterprovincialCommunity Sports Initiation
Old (pre 2014) Full level 1 (including Making Ethical Decisions)*

If you are qualified, then please submit the resume before the event you are interested in, so that bowlers may make informed decisions when choosing their coaches.

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Managing a Team

Anyone interested in serving as a team manager may submit their resume

Managers currently do not require NCCP training.

Notes regarding clinics

  • Coaching Clinics are normally held in the August to November time periods.
  •  A minimum number of participants are required.
  • For more details or to schedule a clinic in Central Alberta, contact Brian Sudbury Technical Director, Master Bowlers Association of Alberta,
  • You must be 16 years of age to take these courses.
  • All courses are part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), designed to train and produce quality coaches for over 60 different sports

Community Sports Initiation Clinic Fees

  • Everyone takes the same course, but the price structure varies as shown below.
  • It is not necessary to bowl in the tournaments to be a Master Bowler.
  • You must be 16 years of age to take these courses.
  • You must have an Canadian 5 Pin Card (see your proprietor)
  • You must be recommended by a proprietor or a MBA of A executive member
  • Prior to the clinic you must have, an NCCP number (if you already have one, from bowling or any other sport, then you do not need one) and have completed an online module which can be Commit to Kids for Coaches with a $12 fee or Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders for $30. Choose the more expensive course if you want to become a competition coach at a later point in time.

What’s my Division and How Much Do I Pay?

Current or Ex-YBC Member Under 22 Years of Age 
(see special notes below)
Teaching Division Senior Division Tournament Division
Age requirementGraduating YBC Senior who is 19, 20 or 21 years old.19 years of age and older as of December 31stMust be 50 years old as of September 1st.19 years of age and older as of December 31st.
Type of Tournamentschoose “Teaching” or “Tournament” DivisionPins over averageChoose scratch or pins over averagescratch pinfall
Average Requirement No average requirementNo average requirementLadies 215 avg
Men 230 avg

Clinic Minimum Mandatory Cost

YBC Graduating SeniorTeaching DivisionSenior DivisionTournament Division
Membership Fee$30.00$30.00$30.00$30.00
CSI Clinic Fee$25.00$65.00$65.00$65.00
Min Mandatory Fee$55.00$95.00$95.00$95.00

Optional Extras

Golf Shirt *$70.00
Ceremonial Shirt *
Required at Nationals and at MBAofA/YBC events
Teaching or Senior Tournaments – Registration$20.00
Tournament Division Tournaments – Registration$40.00

* Bowlers must wear either a golf shirt or ceremonial shirt at all events. (Does not apply to new members until they can get their shirts – normally the first tournament.)

  • All “CSI” Workshop participants who are current YBC members 16-18 yrs old or who are currently YBC members or are former YBC members and 19-21 yrs old (as at Dec 31) pay a clinic fee of $25.00
  • Full Graduates of the YBC program who are no older than 21 as at Dec 31 and supply evidence of such to the MBAofA office are entitled to a free golf shirt.  The Graduating YBC Verification form is required for evidence.  
  • All “CSI” Workshop participants except current YBC members and Special O coaches should pay the annual MBA membership fee 
  • Cheques are made payable to the MBA of A. Payment to be made at the time of the clinic.
  • Clinics normally occur between September to December.

Other Clinics

The MBA of A also offers the following courses,

Competitive Coach

  • This is a two and a half day course with classroom, video and on-lane training.
  • This is a prerequesite to coach the Youth Challenge and Open provincial competitions.
  • The current fee is $175
  • Please contact Brian Sudbury Technical Director, Master Bowlers Association of Alberta for more Information

Tournament Officials

  • Learn all aspects of running a tournament as well as qualifying as a judge of play.
  • Please contact Brian Sudbury Technical Director, Master Bowlers Association of Alberta for more Information

Coaching Tips and Techniques

Make Yourself a better coach