Ask Coach Greg

Greg Gigliuk

2015 Alberta Open Singles Champion

Greg Gigliuk is a Central Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers Association coach with an enviable record in both coaching and competitive bowling giving him tremendous insight into the sport.

Greg is willing to answer your questions about any aspect of the game from league bowling through national championships, as well as offering mental conditioning tips.

Coaching accomplishments include two Canadian championships. In 1999 the Masters Men’s team took first place in Surrey, B.C., and in 2004 Greg coached the Youth Bowling Canada Junior Boys team to the gold in St. John’s, Newfoundland, followed by a third place finish the following year in Surrey, B.C.

From a competitive standpoint, Greg recorded a perfect game at the TSN Provincials in 2001, and has five Canadian championship gold medals in Open and Masters play.  In addition he has a high triple of 1,084 and high five game block of 1,628.  In 2015 he added the Alberta Open Singles Championship to his record.

Greg is a right handed bowler who when hampered by a shoulder injury, chose to bowl with his left arm with considerable success.

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